Track By Track: Yesterday's Hero - Ways To Hate (2023)

About the album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

Lyrically you follow through the emotions of a struggling bleeding heart at the end of a tumultuous relationship. Musically it follows our maturation away from the heavy scene and into the groove.

Track by track (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

1. Killing Me:

This is one of the first songs written and set the tone. Drive and groove. Lyrically you will hear a man grasping the reality that the relationship is tearing him apart

2. What I Needed:

This song I wrote with my son playing drums. A Rise Against-inspired banger. Lyrically this is a newer song and is written with a healed heart. Sometimes in the middle of the struggle, you may not realize it's "What I Needed"

3. Ways to Hate:

We wanted to write something groovy that you would have no choice but to move. Lyrically this is at the point of heartache where the other's intentions are more clear.

4. Bounce:

This is one of the first riffs and like its name, it bounced. The lyrics are at the point of the break up that nothing more matters. "Your words are like mush and you say too much to me" It is simply time to Bounce.

5. Be:

This song musically is just chill to me it Be What it Be……" Don't blame me or shame me"

6. Road of Doom:

This song just happened at practice and it turned into an anthem for our personal struggles

7. Life's so Good:

I love to write driving riffs. A simple banger inspired by the rebirth of oneself focusing on the positive.

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