Track By Tracks: Bloodletter - A Different Kind Of Hell (2023)

Lyrically, the album is a concept piece that focuses on a lone adventurer as they make their way through hell on earth. "The Howling Dead" is about the adventurer being chased and haunted by creatures of the undead rising from the ground. "Blood is Life '' tells the tale of a bloodthirsty countess who bathed in the blood of innocent people. "Bound and Ravaged" is about a succubus who tempts people and drains them of their life. "From Hell They Came" tells the story of a mad summoner who lost control of his power and was trapped inside his labyrinth with all of the hellspawn he created. "The Last Tomb" follows the lone adventurer as he wanders through a barren wasteland, searching for the tomb of a lost wizard. "His Will Be Done" is the testimony of a demented and possessed cult of murderous, religious zealots our lone adventurer makes contact with. "Obsidian Offering" is the horrid prayer and war cry of the murderous cult as they commit heinous sacrifice. "To Darkness Damned" tells the listener how our lone adventurer began his perilous journey and what terrible fate has fallen on him. "Lord of Pain" is an ode to punishment. A demon wandering the vast, open pit of hell finds the lone adventurer and makes sure his trip through is thoroughly painful and horrendous. "What Lies Beneath" is the tale of a horrid creature that emerges from the depths of a city, one of the last safe havens from the creatures of hell. It rises at night and kills anything in its path. "Flesh Turned to Ash" is the last and arguably most terrible part of the entire story. Our lone adventurer meets the lord of hell and terror himself, as he declares that hell and all of the creatures from within will consume the earth entirely.

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