Track By Tracks: Carnal Savagery - Into The Abysmal Void (2023)

1. Defleshing bones:

This track is a pretty standard Death Metal song, with fast parts and some mid-tempo parts, a typical Carnal Savagery track, I would say! Lyrics is about a dude who is stranded on a desert island, and he is slowly starving to death, he starts to amputate his legs to have something to eat.

But things end up even worse when he is captured by cannibals!

2. Morbid Death:

This is a slow, fuzzy mid-tempo, Autopsy influenced song!

The lyrics are about a girl that gets tortured by an insane man, at the end he sets the girl on fire. It also has some sampled screams a cool bass part that sticks out a bit, and an amazing guitar solo.

3. Stench of burnt decay:

This is a brutal song, a fast one, with really heavy parts! The middle part of the song is amazing, with some really cool church bells echoing! The lyrics are about a massacre, everywhere you look there are dead burning people, and some screaming in pain while waiting to die!

4. Column of Maggots:

It's a really heavy mid-tempo song with a lot of double kicks.

We also added some keyboards on the chorus of this track to get it a bit more spooky. The lyrics are about how the maggots suck you dry once you have entered the grave!

5. Limb by limb:

This is a heavy song with some Slayer-influenced riffs!

Lyrics are influenced by a lot of serial killer documentaries.

And it ends with a really amazing guitar solo by Sebastian Ramstedt from Necrophobic.

6. Choked to death:

This is also a quite fast song but with a slower chorus, pretty much a typical Death Metal song, I think.

Jacob Björnfot from Kvaen plays a really cool guitar solo on this one. This track is about a tortured being who is force-fed with broken glass and then left to rot!

7. The Revenant:

This track is all about a dude who gets eaten by zombies. Both music and lyrics are influenced by real classic death metal from the 80's. This style is what I listened to a lot when Death Metal was kind of new!

8. Reek of decomposing flesh:

A classic Death Metal song, really fast and brutal with some doom parts, and a double kick in the middle.

Lyrics are also influenced by a lot of serial killer stuff. This is about a girl that is slaughtered alive and eaten.

9. Into the abysmal void:

This is a slow track with some double-kick chorus!

Starts with bass only!

Also, my favorite guitar solo on this record is in this track, just awesome!

This track is about death and when the dead rise from their graves! In the end, you will slip into the abysmal void!

10. Raped in a coffin:

A classic death metal song, with some Autopsy influences! It starts with an intro that can bring back the dead! Also some really cool bass parts in this track! Lyrics kind of speak for themselves! 

11. Buried Alive:

This is a fast song from start to end!

"Old School Swedish Death Metal!"

Pretty old-school riffs...

The lyrics are about being buried alive and devouring yourself alive!

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