Track By Tracks: Cholera - Peccatum Originale (2023)

In short, Peccatum Originale is not a concept album, but the songs have a common theme, which is man. It is called Peccatum originalis, i.e. original or first sin, because it is the first act of the band itself, and some of us also play a certain musical role for the first time.

The intro is used from an old movie, where the announcer brings the news to the village community that Cholera has visited them.

1. Hlad a chlad (Hunger and cold):

The theme is man, and its path to extinction, through its behavior, pettiness and arrogance.

2. Vibrio cholere:

The personification of Death in the form of an immortal pilgrim traveling through the ages.

3. Peccatum originale:

Original sin is an act of rebellion with the desire to break free and walk on own path.

4. Spoveď misantropa (Confession of a misanthrope):

Reflection of a person who hates society and people.

5. Sebatryzna (Self-torment):

Self-torture for pleasure.

6. Onania (Self-abuse):

In the sense of mental self-abuse and self-delusion of perfection.

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