Track By Tracks: Cloven - Chance Encounter Of Flesh And Nail (2023)

1. Astonishment of Heart:

"Astonishment of Heart" is a decade-old song that deals with madness in its wildest and most grotesque form. There are no words to describe that place. Musically it is one of the more grandiose tracks.

2. Fiend:

"Fiend" deals with the chains of life and the freedom of drugs. A cynical lie.

3. Everything Shall Be Taken:

"Everything Shall Be Taken" is another very old one. A machine-like spell for the unfortunate, borrowing the intro from Baudelaire's "L'Héautontimorouménos".

4. Catacombs:

"Catacombs" is a pretty stripped to the core catharsis. You'd be hard-pressed to mess up those chords.

5. No Savior:

"No Savior" is not unlike the last one. Keeping the tribal spirits in the rhythms and the essence of what we like about black metal.

6. Owed To The Flames:

"Owed to the Flames" draws from some peculiar influences but remains completely at home here.

7. With The Will Of Chain:

"With the Will of Chain" is the oldest of them. It's taken forever, but it's finally completely finished with zero need for alteration, along with the entire album.

8. Monument Of Guilt And Bereavement:

"Monument of Guilt and Bereavement" will hopefully take you to the level you want to go. It draws from some more straight forward influences, and wraps up with an eerie call to the beginning.

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