Track By Tracks: Demon Seizure - Murder Tales (2023)


Our opening track is a gloomy vampire tale about an old evil that awakens and the high amount of human blood required for Its feeding process toward newfound strength.

2. Servants of the Moon:

This song sort of describes a pre-winter night in the woods and the transformation from man to beast during a full moon. Cursed with a gnawing hunger, slaughtering and hunting together as a wolfpack.

3. Entering the Telepod:

The third one on the list, and our next track is a bittersweet love letter to the 1986 movie “The Fly” by David Cronenberg, and tells the story of a scientistic failure leading up to some unexpected mutations.

4. Venom Trip:

As track 4 comes slicing, we are inviting the listener to a psychosexual and Giallo-inspired story with a gimp twist. It contains hot beautiful ladies, sharp tools, and heavy tripping while falling into the hands of a strange, mysterious stalker.

5. Blood Chamber:

Just like the previous song our next hit is actually also about a sadistic serial killer, but this time the villain comes in female form. Ever heard of Elisabeth Bathory? If not, Google It. "A real medieval blood bath" so to speak.

6. Eaten by Yetis:

Loosely based on the documentary “An Unknown Compelling Force” as well as the mockumentary “Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives” which are both about the Dyatlov Pass Incident that occurred in 1959, the song tells the story of a group of hikers that went too far out in the woods just to return in pieces.

7. Save Yourself from Hell:

Based upon the 1997 sci-fi/horror flick “Event Horizon”, which takes place on a boarded ship in outer space. Led by a mysterious captain the crew ventures deeper out into the universe only to reveal all kinds of hidden agendas, as well as a very strange and cosmic presence surrounding them.

8. The Blue Key:

Based on the surrealist neo-noir mystery film "Mulholland Drive", written and directed by David Lynch. The song is about the dark side of the strive for success in Hollywood. Same as the movie, the lyrics are very much open for interpretation. The song title refers to the hitman's signal for the success of his assassination of one of the main characters.

9. On Frozen Fields:

This one is a cover of a song from Swedish death metal legends Dismember’s third studio album “Massive Killing Capacity”. The lyrics are about the real-life horrors of war and destruction. Explorers of the Ancient Graves Last one out is our longest song, which takes us down underground through old pyramid chambers and dusty relics, as a group of treasure hunters falls victim to its undead guardians.

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