Track By Tracks: Judicator - I Am The Void (2023)

This EP takes listeners through a roller coaster of emotions. “I am the Void” travels through isolation, courage, and triumph, and then “The Curse of Feanor” finishes out the EP like a thunderous cavalry charge.
Lyrically, “I am the Void” explores something all artists have felt at one time or another — a gravitational pull towards giving up, throwing in the towel. If you’ve lost that magic spark that made something special, how can you recover it? Is it even possible?
The song journeys through despondency, guilt, and shame, and plows through the fire, emerging like a phoenix reborn. The song takes you from “all is lost” to “I can do it.”
Finally, the EP concludes with a cover of Blind Guardian’s “The Curse of Feanor.” Our Patreon supporters voted on this cover song last year, and we are making it available to the public now. There isn’t anything especially groundbreaking or innovative about the cover, but it’s a nice break from the emotional heaviness of “I am the Void.” It’s good to conclude the EP with a cavalry charge like this.

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