Track By Tracks: Kryptoxik Mortality - Interdimensional Calamitous Extirpation (2023)

1. Outer Dimensional Gateway:

A gateway way from a different dimension opens in the middle of space near planet Earth. Two astronauts begin exploring the breach in space and quickly realize we are not alone. Rewinding to the beginning of the instrumental track. Humanity’s first contact with interdimensional beings is less than optimal as the creatures begin to lay waste on the planet.

2. Fetid Human Incubation:

The interdimensional creatures lay waste to the planet one major city at a time. Humanity’s weapons are dealing significant damage, and the creatures must make a judgment call they begin to incubate the young in the flesh of rotting human bodies as the incubation comes to an end the juvenile creatures become abominations of human remains with elevated sentience.

3. Impending Monolithic Desolation:

As the creatures continue rampaging throughout the planet laying waste to monumental landmarks and places of shelter, humanity has been gathering its resistance.

4. Ingesting the Wretched:

The campaign against humanity is going well for the parasitic creatures as they devour all humans in their path. The creatures, once brainless, realize that through the consumption of humanity, they begin to gain a higher intelligence.

5. Fragmented Atmospheric Ingress:

The sky splits open revealing yet another wave of monstrous creatures from the other dimension. Beings of all shapes and sizes poor from the doorway in the sky. Gargantuan titans claw through the cracks falling to the earth laying waste to everything in their path. Humanity’s resistance looks on in absolute horror as their numbers are massively depleted within minutes of this new wave of onslaught.

6. Extraterrestrial Desecration:

As humanity is locked in a monumental struggle against this new foe from portals, a fleet of battleships appears almost from nowhere and begins to bombard the dimensional creatures. Humanity takes this moment to launch a counterattack with its newfound extraterrestrial allies. An alliance is forged as both human and extraterrestrial life fight together to push back the waves of disfigured creatures. The alien battleships are destroyed and begin falling from the sky as the remaining ground forces are devoured by the monstrosities from beyond.

7. Fiendish Amalgamations:

As the war continues to rage on the surface the juvenile creatures begin to incubate inside the alien corpse once fully matured these creatures become hulking fiends. The amalgamations of flesh and gore rampage through the front lines obliterating humanity's forces and ultimately forcing a full retreat. As humanity continues its plight for survival those who cannot keep up are devoured as they flee.

8. Metaphysical Dissection:

Humanity has captured an interdimensional creature and begins direction down to the soul of this creature finding the vital organs and anatomical structure of these horrid creatures.

9. Interdimensional Calamitous Extirpation:

The war for human survival is reaching a climax as the interdimensional beings' fleet of warships finally begins to breach the portals opening throughout the sky. The warships begin bombarding the planet attempting to reduce the planet to dust. Humanity devises one last plan to launch all remaining ships into the open portals and detonate the engine cores one by one causing a chain reaction on a nuclear scale.

10. Multiversal Fragmented Deformities:

Humanity is at the climax of the war all ships have been launched towards multiverse portals in a last effort to survive. Humanity comes up with a last-ditch effort, three evacuation ships are chosen to act as decoys to leave Earth if they can and find a planet that will sustain life.

11. Fractured Molecule Deconstruction:

Humanity’s last hope is to detonate all of the flag ships' engine cores inside the portals which will surely cause a nuclear chain reaction inside the largest portal. As the ships continue their course into the breach the three evacuation ships manage to break through the impending onslaught heading to an unknown destination. The bombardment of the interdimensional fleet continues as a hail of lasers is let loose disintegrating the world below reducing all to ash. Humanity’s flag ships reach the breach as the ships are finally consumed by the void; a large city far more technologically advanced comes into view. The flagships detonate in the middle of the city, leaving no trace of life. The interdimensional ships chasing the three remaining human evacuation ships shut down floating for eternity.

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