Track By Tracks: Leaving Eden - Reflections (2023)

1. Dancing By The Fire:

We had just played a show way up North in a place called The Red Maple Inn, which we called “Band Camp”. It’s just a great getaway for us and we usually play the weekend. This was our first night and we played the show. Because we were playing the next day, we could leave our show set up. This is always awesome so the owner of Paul had a nice big bonfire going out back. We didn’t have to tear down the show so we got to go right out there and hang out and chill out. There was some music playing, and I recall looking up at the people, and just really taking it all in and I see Eve dancing by the fire. She had a summer dress on and a drink in her hand, and she was just loving the moment, and it caught me just then. So I wrote a song about it. I don’t even think she knew I wrote the song for a while.

2. Fear (Is Not An Option):

This song was written quite a while ago. It comes from a place where as far as I’m concerned, fear is the root of all evil. One could say, money, well fear of not having enough money or fear of losing it but I really think you can equate all evil in the world with fear so in my book, it’s not an option. I think, to every action, there is a reaction, and when it says “you’re going down“ in the song, I feel that ultimately good prevails. Originally, I felt that this could be a very good song for sports, boxing, wrestling, etc. I think also, the song is a little prophetic in terms of the lyrics, “Danger has never been so clear”. So it served as an ominous warning.

We are excited to say that we just signed a new deal with New England-based USA record label Verdict Music/Sony/The Orchard. We have just released a new EP titled “Reflections.”
Reflections EP

The theme is about looking back, and reflecting on the things that have made you who you are today. The first single off the EP is titled “Dancing By The Fire“

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