Track By Tracks: Mindrazer - A Thing Of Nightmares (2023)


Mindrazer’s debut full-length outing A Thing of Nightmares is a showcase of range. The New Jersey thrashers demonstrate immediately that they aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of the genre, whether it is crushing breakdowns, modern-tinged leads or even borrowing tropes from power metal. It is technical, epic, brutal but most of all fun. Borrowing stories from history, literature, and cinema, the album touches on themes of horror, shame, anger, oppression, and mania by way of story, metaphor, and allegory. They aren’t reinventing the genre or breaking significant new ground but they are bucking modern thrash trends of coalescing around the hardcore-laden neo-thrash and never straying from it and are doing so without regrets.


1. Entombed in Time:

A contemplative thrasher with lots of twists and turns, rhythmic riffs, and grandiose melodic passages that tell of overcoming regret and shame

2. Suffer in Silence:

A bipolar anthem that has uplifting highs and brutal chugging lows. This one is about the toxic culture surrounding internet discourse.

3. Left to Rot: 

A technical and manic 6/8 thrasher that is full of old-school riffs and wild guitar solos. The lyrics alternate from metaphor to on the nose about the failures of the American social safety net

4. In the Corner of Your Eye: 

A Metallica-esque power ballad with soaring vocals and a twist-and-turns-laden structure, it tells the story of a man who was killed by a demon and all of his loved ones forgot he ever existed. He watches over his family as a ghost but quickly realizes that they forgot him and he is driven mad and begins to haunt them.

5. Knightfall:

Our power metal anthem, with some tasty D minor riffage, harmonies, and an infectious chorus. This song is about Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

6. The Misanthropist:

Another moody thrasher borrowing techniques from second-wave black metal. The lyrics tell of the life and times of Jon Nodveidt

7. Extractor:

This song is about our namesake monster the Mindrazer as he seduces his victim into a sense of serenity and then extracts and consumes their brain. A hypnotic thunderbolt of a song at breakneck speed with atypical chromatic riffing, dissonant alien leads, and bone-crushing breakdowns.

8. Better Dead:

An angsty politically charged riff machine. It is our take on the classic 0, 3, 6 song. This one is a fresh take on that tried and true classic with a heaping dose of thoughtful anti-authority energy for good measure.

9. Crusader:

A frenetic epic with an infectious riff, and constant twists and turns that really paints the picture of riding into battle to fight on a blood-covered, snowy battlefield in medieval Finland.

10. Mercy:

A simple melancholy serenade on classical guitar, a solemn and contemplative end to bring the listener down from the metal fire that precedes it.

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