Track By Tracks: Nemus Anima - Hatred Embodiment (2023)

1. Mother’s grief:

Mother’s grief is the opening track of the album. The whole song is based on a four-chord clean-picking pattern. You can barely hear it but it’s there. When the instruments were recorded I felt that the song needed tragic and sad lyrics with a dark twist. The lyrics are about a mom who lost a child in an accident and tries to bring her back using a ritual. And we all know how it’s gonna go. Not quite the pet Sematary stuff but close. Even without knowing the lyrics you can tell that the song is not about rainbows and flowers.

2. Invocation:

I actually wrote this song many years ago. I thought it had the potential to be included on the album. It appears on the record the way it was composed, I didn’t change much. I added some orchestrations and did a few fine-tuning here and there. I even used the same lyrics which are about calling demons from the abyss, how unusual in death/black metal scene right?

3. Feeding succubus:

The song starts with a tremolo-picking riff and continues onward with simple chords. It’s a simple and fun song. It almost has a happy-sounding chorus. The lyrics are about a man who had a wonderful and vivid dream. It continued every night but it made his life a living hell. It went to the point where he couldn’t stand reality anymore and wanted to enter the eternal dream.

4. Malediction:

I had an instrumental song written maybe 10 years ago. It had one good riff and a nice solo in my opinion. So I built the whole song around that solo and that one riff, that’s what people do right? The original version was more towards the traditional style of metal so I needed to give it a little touch of darkness. The lyrics tells the story of an innocent girl who was tormented and tortured by villagers. When she ended her life she laid a terrible curse on the village. I love these kind of stories!

5. Dreaming of their demise:

And another song was written years ago. This will be the last from the archives I promise! The original was an instrumental so I made some changes here and there. This song is one of my favorites. I feel the instruments support the storyline as it progresses. The story is about losing your self-control. Most of us can relate to this but in this case, it goes a bit more extreme direction. The person in this story is calm and kind. He’s been too nice and bottling up his emotions and anger to the point he bursts. And things will get ugly.

6. Devolution:

This song to me is the “ballad” of the album. The tempo is pretty slow and there are a lot of clean guitars in the background. It’s about wanting to escape from a self-centered society. The song is dealing with modern-day issues.

7. Calling:

This song is a fun one. Starting with fade in sinister guitars and bursting into a fast tremolo picking and blast beats. It might be the most brutal song on the album. It has a few slower parts to let you breathe and then continues kicking your guts. But not everything is so damn dead serious, the lyrics are all about self-irony. It’s all about making fun of myself and all the other metalheads. It has really nice rhymes too, too bad you cannot understand a word I’m screaming. 

8. Wounds:

The last song of the album. Intro is played with an acoustic guitar accompanied by atmospheric violins and orchestrations. When the song kicks in after the intro you can hear the desperation. Things are not well. This one is the most personal song to me and I don’t want to open up about the lyrics too much. The title “wounds” is about mental wounds.

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