Track By Tracks: Neptune - Northern Steel (2023)

1. The Prophecy:

They sent out their best warriors on a journey to Vanheim. The reason was to find the knowledge of how to make the hardest steel that ever existed. Strong steel they needed to win what they thought was the last war. In great secrecy, they arrived early in the morning to Vanheim under cover of darkness after a 100-day voyage.

2. Viking Stone:

The first man the warriors encountered on the beach of Vanheim was Varulf. Varulf was a young proud man who later got the honor of telling the story of the Viking's search for the unbeatable Northern Steel. A Story that later would be retold for thousands of years to come, both around campfires as well as from runes.

3. Last man standing:

With the understanding that their tribe now has come to have the knowledge of how to forge the strongest steel, several malicious clans started to invade them to gain access to their newfound important and strong Nordic steel. A knowledge that almost made them invincible, they thought...

4. Fallen Nations:

After many violent wars with their proud and fighting warriors who stood at the forefront of defending with their Northern Steel, they were several times close to losing their supremacy. But with the help of the power of their old gods, they always won these battles in the end. However, there was something they had not anticipated. A dark and invisible enemy that no weapon really could defeat–the plague. Yes, no matter how big and strong their warriors were, there was nothing that bit it. This dark force struck them down with a great force and their god of war almost left them to die in pride by themself, as warriors often do.

5. Angels:

They wavered in their faith as many in their army fell through. They saw themselves beaten and were about to retreat when something happened. Like an invisible external strong force, they once again started to believe in themselves. Something inexplicable happened that gave them faith and strength to rise again. They were filled with power that gave them the courage and they slowly started to rebuild their village.

6. Northern Steel:

Their great leader was almost knocked out and down. But with the help from the power they previously sought, once again had returned, their knowledge of the magical northern steel and their proud people, he fought back, and the people rejoiced over his name and their powerful Northern Steel.

7. Black Rain:

The tribe and the village were decimated, and their leader asked them all to help rebuild the village. However, they were still very weak after all the recent wars and the plague. Eventually, doubt and internal strife slowly began to grow in the village just like the invisible plague, the evil once again swept over the village like a dark and cold autumn rain. The evil this time consisted of everything from betrayal, intrigue, lies, and death between loved ones, which beset their lives.

8. Run for your life:

The desperation and panic in the village grew in an ominous way and evil began to eat them slowly from within. Several warriors who felt that the danger on the battlefield was more manageable fled the village to never return.

9. Land of Northern:

In a final attempt to rebuild the village, their leader gathered the people to instill courage once again. He explained that their village was worth fighting for, well, what else did they have to do. The leader’s speech gave them the strength needed to repel all evil thoughts, which from time to time united them to repel the evil force.


For a time, however, they had begun to question their faith and tried to reconcile with their ancient gods. They were now in the choice of handing over the power and knowledge of the Northern Steel to another, what they hoped for, a higher and stronger force. A mighty conqueror who they thought could handle this force better than they had accomplished.

11. Ruler of the sea:

Their leader went to the beach to gather courage and strength for his last important choice. Suddenly, a mighty creature appeared from the bottom of the sea. It turned out to be the strong conqueror they had been waiting for. He had come a long way to save them from their ongoing doom. He, their savior from underneath who is the ruler of the sea has finally come to their rescue and to take over the power of Northern Steel.

12. Vanheim:

This is the story that our selected villager and rune stoner Varulf had the honor to pass on to future generations to come. And as you now know, it all started that cold and misty morning, a thousand years ago when he greeted the warriors who arrived in their mighty ships in Vanheim.


According to the legend. Something out of the ordinary will happen that will change the future to come. The ruler of the sea from underneath, he climbs up to collect his weapons of choice. It’s a new landmark that will become a guideline for generations. It’s the gathering against the beast, and the steel he has chosen has a name, it is simply –Northern Steel.

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