Track By Tracks: Never Reborn - Ashes Of Our Past (2023)

1. Storms End:

This song sets the tone for the album, it’s a very tranquil 44-second instrumental…and as the Storm Ends the real Storm Begins, leading right into the song Never Reborn.

2. Never Reborn:

We took the name for the band from this song, it is a staple of our sound, to me it’s an album wrapped up in one song.

3. Existence Denied:

It’s classic alien abduction…about someone who is looking for signs of alien existence, not knowing that he has been getting abducted his entire life. The aliens are doing tests on this person to try and figure out why we exist as humans. You’ll have to read the lyrics to get the answer. We do have a lyric video for this song on YouTube.

4. Ashes of Our Past:

This is about reincarnation, about being cursed to remember past lives, loved ones that were left behind, and the torment of knowing that current loved ones won’t be forgotten in death.

5. Haunted Eternally:

It wasn’t written to be a modern-day “Romeo and Juliet” but there are some similarities, which were totally unintentional, I wrote the song on a more personal level. This is one of the songs that wasn’t meant to be on this album, but after dropping a song a week before entering the studio we agreed to record it, even though it had no lyrics or title. There was a lot of pressure on me to write the lyrics, and I had no concept at the time of what the song should be about. I’m completely happy with the outcome, it really rounds out the album.

6. Deathmarch Armageddon:

A possessed serial killer is on a rampage, you’d better beware…It was the first song I ever wrote in drop tuning, now half of our songs are in drop tuning, and the other half standard tuning. The reviews have been really favorable on this track.

7. Fallen One:

This one is about Lucifer's fall from Heaven, the rise of the Antichrist, and the Final war of Armageddon. The first few verses are taken right out of the bible, word for word, it’s pretty evil. This a real crowd favorite and has a little bit of everything, it builds up gradually throughout the song, and climaxes in a fury of speed.

8. Children of Fire:

This was originally going to be the title track of the album. I began writing lyrics based on Dante’s Inferno, but not as some magical journey into hell, more of being alive and well one minute and in hell awaiting judgment the next, fully understanding that Heaven and Hell are real, and knowing you are doomed to burn forever. It wasn’t until jamming on Bathory “Enter the Eternal Fire” one night that l drew a connection between the songs, lyrically they could be brothers. I’m a lifelong fan of Bathory by the way, they are another band people will say we remind them of.

9. False Prophecies:

This is an instrumental, it was originally going to be acoustic guitar only but we decided to add percussion and bass. It’s not a song you’d expect to find by a band like us, but it brings balance to the album, it’s close to 3-minutes but feels much shorter. It really sets the stage for the album closer, “Requiem (World of Hurt)”.

10. Requiem (World of Hurt):

This is part 2 of Heaven Shall Forsake, which was on the EP. It's about the “child” in the first song, how he was exiled from the Church, and how he came back to do war with the Church. It’s our thrashiest song, and very 80s, in fact, I wrote it sometime around 1984, if there’s ever a pit going at our shows, this is definitely the song that gets it going. Expect an official full-band video for this one in early 2024.

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