Track By Tracks: The New Normal - Not Yours (2023)

1. Intro:

This is a spoken word poem written by Jennifer Herron called 'To An Unborn Daughter'.

Which is what it says in the title. It is a warning to the child of the dangers of drinking with strangers, namely men, giving your body to other people sexually, and being careful and vigilant when you are out and about.

2. Not Yours:

Following on thematically from this, this song has become kind of like our flagship song. It has the same theme but with a much stronger message of taking the power back from society's view of women and saying who I am, is not yours, not your business, and not your concern.

3. META:

Meta is a fast burner about losing touch of reality through the distorted lens of social media and dealing with an increasingly isolated world whilst being told you live in a "global village".

4. Inside:

This song has long been our opener for live sets. This is a song about feeling insecure, anxiety in general, and feeling stuck inside your own head.

5. Sick:

Sick is another fast song and probably the most aggressive song on the EP. The song is about feeling sick of other people, whether that's your boss, partner, family, or friends, and having your feelings constantly pushed aside or put into a box.

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