Track By Tracks: Palehørse - Hunting Grounds (2023)

1. Revival:

Revival is a straightforward rock song with twists and turns. Song is about fighting depression and isolation – needing a fresh start after all the bullshit that has been going on. I felt that “Revival” needed to be the opening track for this album, since we had a longer hiatus than intended. So little revival is needed.

2. Deathless Endeavor:

A hopeless, confused and endless journey through time and space. A bit more progressive approach overall. Whole song sprouted naturally from the intros octave-pedal guitar riff.

3. Magnetism:

A nice love song. Emphasis on falling in and out of love, and the madness of it. That soft side needed some contrast, so the whole song is dominated by guitar riffs and a brutal breakdown.

4. Skeleton Shuteye:

Shameless good vibe pop/rock song about being way too tired.

5. The Sweetest Of Bloods 

Fuck yeah, this just screams live shows and tour. My favorite song to play live. Energy packed, double bass filled, Kraken summoning, pirate revenge story…What could go wrong.

6. We Created This Silence:

A song about communication problems in politics or in relationships. Those problems usually turn into something much worse.

7. Aimless In Our Aim:

Unfortunately, people still follow their leaders blindly into new wars. History just keeps repeating itself without any greater purpose, only death and destruction. Instrumental side of the song makes it black humor-ish

8 - Revenant (Part I):

“This two-part song starts from the end. “

9. Promised Land (Part II):

Back to the beginning of the story

10. Unravel:

Heavy ass song. The song is about self-revolution. Realizing you are neither good nor bad, you are just YOU, and fuck everyone else and what they think you should be. At the end we must unravel, so that we can be revived again.

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