Track By Tracks: Past The Fall - From Insanity's Ruin (2023)

1. Into the Ruins:

This is the intro to the album, something to symbolize the entry into a kind of dystopian ruin of an old system, on a journey experiencing the remnants…

2. Drainer:

In a nutshell, this is about psychic vampires- but the literal kind! The sort of people who are full of self-loathing and negativity and you can’t trust them, and they become so draining and tiring to be around emotionally. It ends in a plea to find a better way to communicate, and failing that a big fuck off to judgment of making one's own path.

3. Epitaph:

The death of innocence or waking up to reality? Maybe they could be considered the same thing- this is about finding out that passion, hope, and fatally, capitalism are intertwined in almost everything in society- and can also be callously exploited.

Very often people’s passions are used to make them line other people’s failing pockets and projects, so we have a chorus to call for some unity within the arts and expression.

4. Poison Mirror:

Social media drives us to create onstage personas on our platforms that are more and more a synthesized version of the ideal life we believe we should have and present, ironically this creates a feedback loop between us all growing a bigger fantasy until we all feel fake and isolated, unhappy with our own feelings and truth as compared to the online world. Tech sells us these platforms as bringing us closer together- but it does quite the opposite- it drives us apart.

5. Seldom Reason:

Is about the sadness of trying to find one’s purpose in life. And the journey to the realization that there is no reason for the sadness.

The lyrics tell that story in 3 sections. The first section (acoustic) is the searching for the purpose in one’s life.... the second (for living hell) section is the contemplation of why one looks for one’s purpose.... the third and final section (fall all things) is the realization that one’s purpose can be searched without fear or sadness

6. Above the Negative:

We’ve had stalkers and toxic people around the band who have wished us nothing but malice, and who are superb mental gymnasts at creating their victimhood. Doing something like a band puts us in the firing line and frankly, it’s not a problem. The strangest thing to observe though is the malevolent pleasure that others see others fail to take, whilst watching through the lens of their own insecurities. This is a little ditty to express the journey on, through, and above all that bullshit!

7. Full Circle:

A few years ago, I was suffering from a dark detachment of loneliness on tour, and the transitory nature of all the people and places I went to just served to isolate me further at that time.

To keep the heart beating, a vehement statement of being oneself even if that meant being alone was the way to keep the fires burning.

8. Maurice:

Thomas’ Dad Maurice passed before we released this track. For both of us in many ways, he was a massive influence. The band probably wouldn’t be like it is today without him either. This song is for him.


This is about the end of intense relationships because the nature of people has irrevocably changed- but far from being something falling apart, it comes with the knowledge that the cycle begins again.

The extreme of feeling subjugated or lied to/politicized over genuine trust is the necessary sedge way to a new beginning and learning to live all over again.

10. Through Insanity’s Ruin:

A message of hope, to stay out of that pit of depression, just hold on. All things change.

Sometimes we have to go all the way down to know how to get back up.

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