Track By Tracks: SINN-INC - Kill Your Idols (2023)

1. Kill your Idols:

Be yourself! Learn to think for yourself, by yourself, stop blindly following the crowd.

2. Past Attraction:

The track is about a character trying to escape his past but constantly being caught up by it. Always keep in mind that every action you take in your life will have consequences for your future, and it is impossible to erase or forget them. So always act with this reflection in mind to avoid regretting your actions later on.

3. Bloody Heaven:

It is the avid search for pleasure, sensation, and extremes that often ends abruptly

4. Earthly Pain:

The escape from suffering, not to find pleasure, but rather neutrality. It is the search for self-absence. It's a nihilistic reflection, which is a recurring theme for us.

5. Cannibal Love:

The lyrics of this song were written based on two criteria:

Firstly, a challenge, to include the word 'love' in the lyrics.

Then, we phonetically aligned with the singer's gibberish. That's how the title was born. We had fun.

Afterward, we tried to make the whole thing coherent, and in the end, we arrived at these lyrics that speak about debauchery and the deviance of the human being.

6. No Heaven Beyond:

Don't believe everything you're told, or all the promises that are made to you; rely only on yourself. No paradise, no savior, only reality and your conscience

7. Burn the Cross of Lies:

It's a track that addresses religious proselytism, particularly that of influential spiritual and media gurus, and more broadly, various doctrines, be they religious, political, or cultural.

8. X:

Originally, this track was titled 'The Project' and was part of the band's first EP called 'The 666 x Murder Project.' It was somewhat conceptual, referencing certain films. In the current album, we moved away from that idea, which is why we simply renamed the track 'X.' It explores the duality between good and evil, moral senses in conflict, and the acceptance or rejection of temptation

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