Track By Tracks: The Sorrow Of Being Immaculate - Church Music For Satanists (2023)

1. Church Music for Satanists:

I wanted to write something slow, heavy and putrid and this riff appeared. The leadwork in the verses is ominous and adds to the doom atmosphere then when the chorus lead comes in it becomes as wide as Satan's wings and just as unholy. Love this track. When I play it live it has extra parts and keeps building. The video is me Blair-Witching around local woodland in slow motion. I did an extra "Industro mix" to try and find a different type of sound for the track and this is included on the EP.

2. 360° cross:

The idea for this was how the church uses the cross one way and anti-Christians/Satanists another so it's like it's on constant rotation hence 360°. Musically it's a repetitive distorted fuzz riff with some 80s leadwork and melody that comes in later on. I did an "Industro mix" of this one also.

3. Behemoth of Hallucinations:

This one starts with clean guitars before bringing the heavy. I like repetition to hammer the point home so it repeats and builds, allowing meditative awe. A really cool riff. Reminds me of Electric Wizard or someone. Another one that when played live is done differently with added horrible noise in the outro.

4. Return of the Puritan era:

In the UK these past few years we have seen a return to previous eras of oppression and right-wing idiocy disguised as "taking back control" and "common sense". Obviously, it's just lies and a cynical power grab. The people doing this are harking back to the Puritan era in many ways and shouting "WITCH!" at anyone who stands against them.

5. My Temporary Heartbeat:

A suitably epic finale of one riff for 6 minutes. Easy to lose yourself in this one as it goes around, evolving. Hard to play live as it requires pinpoint guitar playing.

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