Band Biographies: Horror Dance Squad

Horror Dance Squad is one of Estonia’s most talked about metal bands at the moment.

Not afraid to stir up divisive opinions through their style and influence, the band’s mission is to deliver a fresh blend of metalcore, punk, and pop with a vibrant and explosive live performance.

It’s a mission with a message. Far from the typical doom and gloom expected from the genre, Horror Dance Squad aims to spread awareness of today’s most pressing social and existential questions with infectious positivity.

Since their inception in 2014, the band has had the opportunity to share their unique sound on both Estonia’s biggest stages and abroad, including at Wacken Open Air and at this year’s Impericon Festival in Leipzig, Germany with the biggest bands in the genre.

With the new album „All I See Is Black“, they are taking their sound a step further towards bigger choruses, heavier breakdowns and crazier Electronics.

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