Band Biographies: SRAI

Discover the boundless sounds of SRAI, a Kuwaiti rock band that illuminates the way with their music. Formed in January 2022, our band was born from the desire to share our personal experiences living in a closed-off society through the universal language of music. In the Kuwaiti dialect, "Srai" translates to "lantern," which held a significant role in the past, guiding people's paths in houses, shops, and roads. Keeping it traditional, we embraced this meaningful symbol and incorporated it into our band name as it resonated deeply with us. Meet the talented members behind SRAI: Abbas (Abzy): Lead Singer and Guitarist Nawaf: Drummer Ahmad (Ani): Guitarist Join us on this musical journey as we combine our passion for rock and storytelling, using our songs as beacons of light in a world that knows no bounds. Let SRAI's music be your guiding light!

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