Behind The Artworks: Demonwarp - Possess Me (2023)

Appreciate the interest. Demonwarp is a passion project that was developed just a few years ago. The idea really came from a story idea. In 2666 the world is torn as portals from the rapture draw the hellish demons into a world full of AI tech. The demons merged with AI creating a power that can only be overcome by becoming the greater demon. I always want to invoke an emotional response with the project’s artwork and music. My latest track Possess Me, is about a woman conjuring up a demon and the demon takes over her body, but then realizes she is a powerful witch and the witch is now in control of the demon’s powers so she can use it for the future torn world. Jenna’s voice captured the feminine beauty and power. I wanted to depict that dark beauty rising above the outside world and the eyes that are always trying to tear down and judge, staring in amazement at the raw energy and fear in the air. The reflections are the shadows of the past that always linger and try to pull you back. Huge credit to Aysel Tagi who always captures my inspirations and descriptions. She really pulls in the dystopian cyberpunk aesthetics but then blends it with horror or other themes in my music.

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