Behind The Artworks: Embers Ignite - Visions Of A Dying World (2023)

I did the artwork myself for my debut EP and I always felt like it wasn’t up to scratch so vowed to get a logo and proper artwork done for the next one. I did dabble with doing the artwork myself again but I ended up deciding it wasn’t good enough and I used a version of it for the Behind Space single (In Flames cover) instead.

Due to a very tight budget, I was looking for a cheap piece that fit the theme I had running through the songs. I figured I wouldn’t be able to get a custom artwork for the money I had available so I followed a lot of artists online and trawled through hundreds of pieces that already existed in the hope of finding something suitable. Then I found it and knew instantly it was what I was looking for. The artwork is a piece entitled “Into The Void” by Mark Thomas. He used AI with Photoshop to create it and it was exactly what I was looking for. To me, it depicted the survivors of the aftermath silhouetted against the backdrop of the destruction of the earth. It had the fiery tones and an ominous atmosphere that I was looking for and I could feel the loneliness and despair of surviving the horrors of what had happened with a vague hope that life could be rebuilt!

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