Behind The Artworks: Horrible - Filth (2024)

The main concept of the album was to get a central symbol to be horrible. As a band we wanted to create a monster and the representation artwork for Rob Walden is what we had in mind since the beginning.

About the choice of the colors, we wanted the artwork to be as dark as our music, that’s why we chose dark blue / grey. The gold part in the mouth represents all the promises people can make without represents the promises people make without delivering on them. Words are just words. Not going through with it can sometimes lead certain people to commit irreparable, or even commit suicide.

You can also see that the monster is eyeless. Just because it is better for the masses nowadays to escape in a virtual world full of perversion than just accept the barbarians and the cruelty of reality.

You can also find the nails stuck in the head refer to the torture, wether mental or physical, that many people face in the world.

Finally, the smoke represents the abyss, where all sin and negative acts are born. The monster comes from hell!

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