Behind The Scenes: BLACK DAGGERS - Best I've Got (Official Video)

The video portion for “Best I’ve Got” was shot in the summer of 2023. The cars featured in the video are a 1967 Mustang GT and a 2019 Dodge Demon. The video combines live action footage with virtual reality footage as well as ai enhanced animation. I was inspired to make it using multiple formats because I haven’t seen anyone do it and I wanted it to feel very dreamlike and uncomfortable to match the themes presented on the record. It showcases the main character of our concept record, Phantasmagoria, racing on a highway late at night trying to escape the Devil in hot pursuit.

The idea for the video was inspired by film noir and comic book-style animation and classic rotoscoping. I really took a lot of inspiration from films such as “A Scanner Darkly” . I saw that movie in theaters years ago and the visuals blew me away. I shot the video with a Nikon z50 camera and a Quest VR headset. Though my face is obscured I’m playing the part of the main character in the video, marking the first appearance of any band members in our videos.
Finally, the song itself appears first on the album but it was the last to be written. And no cars were harmed in the making of this video.

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