Behind The Scenes: Disconnected Souls - Delirium (Official Video)

After our first music video for "Dissonant Whispers", we knew we had to make another one - so we returned to Joey Aitchison of JWA Creations with our plans for the next video.

For our second music video, we settled on "Delirium" as the choice of song for several reasons. For one, it is a very different style of song to "Dissonant Whispers" - it's heavier right from the outset, showcasing the diversity of sounds we at Disconnected Souls set out to create - EDM, metal/deathcore, and hip hop. This song particularly had a large variety in vocal styles - beautiful cleans, guttural lows, pitched screams in the chorus, and the digital, effect-laden rap in the bridge.

Secondly, "Delirium" is one of the oldest songs we've worked on as a group. It came into existence around the time of our "Warring Elements" EP - it was shortlisted as one of the tracks, but we wanted more time to work on it. If you pay close attention, you may even hear some musical references to some of those tracks! Lyrically, the song deals with the topic of addiction, particularly how addiction can close someone off from their friends, family, and even reality itself.

This informed the sonic elements of the track - the club music sound due to the glorification of drugs and alcohol in many club scenes. The sample vocals in the second verse were chosen to play on the idea that those pushing these addictive substances are "fake" and "synthetic", telling lies to make money at the expense of the addicted. The rap bridge was inspired by the track "Swimming Pools (Drank)" by Kendrick Lamar - a powerful song on the dangers of alcoholism.

The video was intended to follow the narrative of the song more closely - an individual being seduced by drugs and those that peddle them, and the consequences that follow - but due to time constraints, we elected to trim back to a more performance-based video. Trimming this element gave us time for the table scene - a very last-minute addition to the video, but one of my favourite aspects; a group being merry around their drinks, blind to the struggles of one of their companions.

The music video was filmed at The Love Shack in our hometown, Chester - we were familiar with some of the staff there, and the owners were kind enough to provide the space and help out with the video when we asked. As part of the video process, we enlisted a small contingent of our friends to fill the space as crowd members for the performance sections.

Joey's use of color, lighting, and framing really amplified the feel of the video, and we were once again beyond satisfied with his work.

Overall, we are very pleased with this video, and the response to it has been absolutely amazing! As a result, expect more videos from us in the future, for songs of our debut album "Fragments of Consciousness", and beyond!

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