Behind The Scenes: The Magic Bus - Βασιλική (Official Video)

A few weeks after the “Yarem Yarem” video clip (check its own ‘Behind the Scenes’ here: ), we released another video clip of a cover song named “Βασιλική” (Vasiliki / a greek name)!

The song’s lyrics are traditional/folk and it’s about a heartbroken girl who willingly and happily would rather drink poison than live without the one she loved. The song’s music is composed by Nikos Ziogalas, a prominent Greek musician who, in this case, combined the folk lyrics with the folk rhythm formula of “Zonaradikos”.

“Zonaradikos” is a traditional dance from Thrace (Greece). It owes its name to the grip used by dancers because they are caught by their belts. It has a distinctive rhythm of 6/8.

As a band, we found this beloved song very appealing to a rock cover, and thus we ended up recording it after a couple of jams!

Once again it was recorded and produced at ‘Locomotive Sound studio’ (Lamia, Greece) with Ektoras Sohos being the producer, and it will be included in our upcoming “Άγνωστα Νερά” (Agnosta Nera / Uncharted Territory) EP.

Just like its older sibling (Yarem Yarem), the video shooting was held in the theatrical style stage of “Art & Culture Hall” in Livadia City (Greece). Valantis Dafkos directed having in mind that this should also look unstilted and a bit raw, while Thanos Kostakopoulos held the camera and Dimitris Trokas was in charge of sound and lighting. But there’s a difference this time: Except for these takes, we walked down a memory lane by adding shots from previous live gigs on six different locations/stages, making “Vasiliki” a video clip filled with the band’s insights!

One more time our good friend and collaborator Angelos Michailidis (AM Productions) was there to undertake the project’s montage, edit, and production.

So, this is it! The ‘Behind the Scenes’ for our “Βασιλική” song and video clip tour is at an end and we hope you enjoyed both the ride and the video! Come say “hi” at our social pages and don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, and… support your local scene! Cheers!

Enjoy the video clip of "Vasiliki" here:

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