Behind The Tracks: Bromsen - Someone (Single) (2024)

"Someone" springs from the whole vibe of Luka Bloom's mid-30s reinvention, especially his transformative album, "Turf." Richard and I both share a deep admiration for Bloom's work, and it ignited this journey into themes of self-realization, embracing individuality, and the allure of living life on the edge.

The lyrics of "Someone" kind of tell this tale of self-discovery, guiding you through moments abroad and on the outskirts—real soul-searching stuff. The song blends synthpop, hard rock, and Irish folk with nods to Luka Bloom's unique guitar style through open tuning.

Recording it was quite a ride and especially for the singing part it was quite a challenge to balance the Irish folk pop with our rock/indietronica vibe. We ended up laying down the vocals three times to nail that sweet spot. Who knows, maybe one day we'll drop an acoustic version. Picture it as an Irish folk song, perfect for a cozy night in a pub.

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