Behind The Tracks: Female President - Enflamed In Effigy (Single) (2023)

“Enflamed In Effigy” was a slow burn, building in stages since 2020. The riff, tempo, and melody came to Dréa in 2020, tuning in like a distant radio signal, crackling static with power riffs breaking through. The lyrics came in layers, all inspired by current events and world tragedies. Mother is Earth, but Mother is also the broken-hearted mom helplessly watching the smoldering ashes of the home she built rise into the air, holding the remains of her dying child in a war-torn country or sending her sickly kids to bed hungry again while other children mine cobalt for cell phones and executives make the ozone bigger with luxurious travel. We are standing on the brink of massive change, we can’t go back to ignorance. We have to push through and make this world a better place.

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