Behind The Tracks: Gab De La Vega - Northern Lights (Single) (2024)

“I wanted to share "Northern Lights" as the second single taken from the upcoming album because it is one of the tracks that most reflects the sense of depth that "Life Burns" will have, both in sound and lyrics. Juxtaposed with "Off My Chest" it definitely creates the kind of contrast that can make you realize how rich this album is in every sense of the word. This album represents the most honest and unfiltered side of myself, not just as musician, but as a person balancing between the negative things of life and the drive towards the positive ones, between being right and being wrong, dreams and reality.

“Northern Lights” is a song that plays with emotions, touching peaks in every direction, transforming for example the concept of solitude, presenting it not as a negative element, but as a companion on the journey toward awareness of one's condition within the complex design of life. A moment of redemption that explodes in the serenity that comes through a deep and necessary catharsis in the human experience.”

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