Behind The Tracks: Ioish - Aimo (Single) (2023)

It's about the reckless and usually self-destructive steps we take to get out of a frustrating situation that we sometimes find ourselves stuck in. Instead of getting a grip of the situation and understanding the fact that all emotions, be it negative or positive, won't last forever. It's best to accept it rather than fight it so we can grow as conscious and self aware individuals. The track’s name was inspired by Aimo Allan Koivunen, a Finnish soldier who served during World War II. He took a very high dose of Pervitin unknowingly and ended up almost losing his mind, he drifted about 250 miles from where his squad was, all by himself whilst running away from the Soviet army. He ended up losing his limbs but he did survive, amongst many other insane things he experienced, like the time he skii-d through a Russian base at full speed while getting shot at all whilst being under the effect of Pervitin. He did survive the whole ordeal though, living till he was in his 70s. In a way the song is also about the same. “Even if we do absurd things to escape the inevitable in desperation, things will always pan out the way they are supposed to even if we try our hardest to change the outcome of the end in hindsight, as we don't like the thought of it not going our way.”

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