Behind The Tracks: Thomas Nicholas Band - Better Than Home (Single) (2024)

Thomas Nicholas: "While I was working in the studio with my producer Taylor Carroll (Kemikalfire, LIT), his friend Zac Barnett (American Authors) decided to stop by and say hello. Taylor grabbed a guitar and played him a chorus we were writing and before I knew what was happening, Zac started singing the melody what would become the opening versus for the song, "Better than Home"

I threw out some lyric ideas and then I tried to retract them because they were too personal ... Zac immediately suggested that those were the best kind of lyrics and that I should write about what I'm scared to talk about. So here I am with my heart on my shirtsleeve with this song.

To really drive it all home, the artwork includes a reflection of the first place I lived. A double wide trailer outside of Las Vegas. I will also be heading to my other hometown of Santa Cruz to film in the parking lot of the Catalyst - a venue that I finally got to perform at last year with Bowling For Soup.

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