Track By Tracks: Ancestral Blood - Forgotten Myths And Legends Chapter 1 (2023)

All music is highly crafted with Celestial Keys with Melodic guitars and complex Chords created by Charles Lucia or Verigo that follow a certain Age of its stories.

1. Forged in the Fire of Hephaestos:

Is more of a fully equipped interlude that kickstarts the album. It starts off with a high shrieking scream sorta like in the old Moonsorrow demo or Niden Div. 187. Musically, My Guitars are Triumphant, and my sound clashes with a celestial vibrance atmosphere done by my keys while our drummer follows the call for battles at Berserker-like speeds. The High screams and harsh vocals on this album are done by A Woman, A warrior who brings war screams of Amazonian War days.

2. Forgotten Myths and Legends:

The song was put together around 1998, Starts with triumphant guitars and vibrance, and quickly goes into a short battle-style breakdown maybe like Thyrfing or Mithotyn. from there, the guitar melodies begin reaching the stars while singer Circe explains lyrically what needs to be said briefly covering various myths and legends. The song continues in its quest through riffage so that the listener can venture inside their own imagination. It goes to an uplifting celestial break and back down inside some sort of cavern during a ceremony. The song ends with vibrant guitar chords and simple melodic guitar solos to complement what's taken place.

3. Sky Fortress of Wizardry:

Also written around 1998, captures the melodic and vibrant sounds and the Black Metal music of maybe during the Atlantean period.

4. Crystallized within the caverns of time:

Also around 98 - captures vibrations, sounds, and music of maybe the existence that may lie inside the inner Earth.

5. Through the Enchanted Forest of Illusions:

Opens up with a riff I wrote in around 97. Musically it captures A time when ancients may have traveled to an island in the Odyssey. And experienced its encounters.

6. Awaiting where calm winds blow at nightfall:

A name I came up with when I wrote the introlude. Also around 98. Just strings and calm wind.

7. The Cronos Stone:

Starts super melodic like maybe Throes of Dawn, I wrote this one around 97, goes straight into a cavern vocal melodic breakdown, rushes into a powerful cosmic whirlwind or windstorm, calms with mystical vibrance, a homage to solo guitars takes place after with celestial vibrance.

8. Lost on the Boundless Journey (Voyage):

A very long song that musically captures being lost at sea. Again during the Odyssey. Listen to the whole song.

9. Sparks of Light Atop towers deserted for ages:

I named this one after I wrote it, Sounds like a song musically played by the deceased on top of a tower that's been abandoned for years, maybe with some candle light.

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