Track By Tracks: Cell Press - Cages (2024)

Cages as a whole album is a collection of songs with different themes and vibes. Written over the span of two years (2021-2022) when the world was changing rapidly as was our personal lives. Certain peaks and valleys through those years influenced the songs and the songwriting. Cages is an angry, gritty unapologetic look at the world through our eyes and expressed through our voices and instrumentation for your ears.


1. Adult Baptisms:

Questioning modern media and misinformation in a world in which a tsunami of news and information bombards us every waking hour. What is real and what is not? Adult Baptisms would refer to people developing a religious fervor and cult-like view based on lies influenced by the opinion of a news corporation or the editorial take of a media personality.

2. Kissed by a Morose on Mont Royal:

Opening on the contagiousness of mood and depression and the cloudiness of perception when in such a state.

3. Original Uranium Baby:

A dystopian tale set in the town of Elliot Lake, Ontario in the year 2088.

4. Dark Side of the North:

Expressing fury over the lack of clean drinking water for the northern communities in Canada which has been promised and then ignored over several election cycles and calling for change now.

5. JOI to the World:

JOI to the World is a song about hopelessness and the acceptance that things will never get better.

6. Disco Naps on the Devil’s Bedpost:

A song about addiction and pushing the line of consumption more and more. Testing and tempting death by sticking one's finger right in its face, daring it to make the move.

7. Recoil (A Collective Behaviour of Violence):

Exploring and questioning American-made mass murder and gun culture, broken promises by politicians, and the willful blindness and gross ignorance of 2A advocates and political lobbyists.

8. Things they do in France:

A song about lost love and what could have been had it not been so toxic.

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