Track By Tracks: Exocrine - Legend (2024)

1. Legend:

The opening track shows the introduction of the first character who is the witness of the brutal arrival of a godlike entity who comes to destroy his world. We follow his thoughts from consideration to resignation, from a certain defeat to a last-hope fight. He also tries to find courage in the legendary characters of his world. This song is about fate, the choice to believe in it or to fight against it, while also looking for inspiration in historical or legendary characters of the past.

2. Life:

Here is the introduction of the second character, who is a godlike being commissioned by some kind of god to erase this world. It introduces a reflection about human’s place in the universe. This song looks with a critical eye at the anthropocentric vision of mankind. According to the scale we use, humans can be gods or absolutely nothing. When we build a house we don’t pay any attention to the anthill that was here before us, and we destroy it without realizing it. Maybe it will happen to us one day.

3. Eidolon:

This song introduces the last character, an immortal man, a member of a strange cabal who tries to influence things on a very large timeline. It’s a reflection of time and progress. Some things can change with a brutal event, but others only change with a lot of time, sometimes eras. This point of view collides with the others; it shows how sometimes, a form of resignation can be perseverance too.

4. The Altar of War:

This song is an illustration of the adage, “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And weak men create hard times.” It’s when the first character makes his choice between surrender and fight. He becomes the knight, the one who will stand to face the destructor. He dives into the past to find inspiration from his ancestors. We must pay attention to our history, and learn the lessons from the people before us, their successes and mistakes. This song is also about sacrifice, the fact that the end is undoubtedly death, but we can choose how we die. The end is the same for everyone, so every decision in our life matters.

5. Dust in the Naught:

The subject of this track is the value man assigns himself. We can see this through the very cynical vision of the destructor who puts humanity in his place. In his view, humans are a part of something bigger and have no real importance. He treats them like how we treat animals when we clear a forest, for example. It’s a mise en abîme of our actions as a civilization. We follow our goals, often futile, without thinking of the consequences and we can see that today it’s starting to turn against us.

6. Warlock:

We like to see our albums like seasons within a common universe. Since Maelstrom, we started to leave some hints that link between albums. They became more obvious with Hybrid Suns. This track shows the return of Hayato from Molten Giant as the immortal. He’s become an immortal who travels from world to world fighting against these destructors like he did before. He thus incarnates the ancestor who can guide the first character with his knowledge.

7. Dragon:

The track describes the fight against the entity through the thoughts of the knight. We can see his refusal to live in fear and submission, no matter the price. He proves that even when their backs are against the wall, there are always people who choose to fight. He also claims his way of dying.

8. The Oath:

Hayato recognizes a part of himself in the knight. He tells the knight that he can’t win; that’s why he proposes to join his cabal and share his immortality. Therefore, even if they lose this battle, they will do everything to win the war. It’s a reflection of determination. The road to an objective is often dotted with failures but with will and time, we can achieve it.

9. By the Light of the Pyre:

This track is about the victory of the destructor. He taunts humanity, which is insignificant to him. He reminds them one last time with a cold logic that humans are the center of what they think the world is, but not the universe. Trapped in a reality bigger than them, they are just condemned, and powerless, no matter their illusions, their destruction is just a step in a process that is beyond them. Legend comes out on January 26, 2024.

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