Track By Tracks: GLASFOLD - Nuovo Mondo (2023)

1. Krughy's theme:

The intro is dedicated to our beloved mascot "krug", a kitten found in the street by Alessio and adopted by the whole band, he lived in the rehearsal room with us for almost two years and put up with all our rehearsals, unfortunately, he left us towards the end of the recording of the album.

2. Shadows and darkness:

"A dark and fragile world that keeps me inside if " and leads me, at times, to stay alone, to isolate myself from everything, to build a shield where I shelter and regenerate myself from the shadows and darkness that the world itself pours on me every

3. Without Rules:

This song represents the desire to escape from what are the rules imposed by society and sometimes by ourselves, obstacles that undermine personal growth and sometimes make us slaves to a reality that does not belong to us at all.

4. The worst of me:

"I only show you the worst of me, that maybe the best is not there anyway ". We are so accustomed to the high standards proposed by society that sometimes, despite constant effort and dedication, it seems to us that we never even come close to reaching those goals that, in reality, are only ostentation and fiction projected on all our devices through social networks and advertisements.

5. Far from it:

These last 3 years have been something catastrophic in every aspect, what we carry with us today is a society even more closed in on itself, ready to judge others from behind a screen throwing judgments and opinions without doing any research, without having any knowledge. Far from here represents the desire to return to something that is no longer there or at least that there is less of, the union, the love of neighbor, the COMMUNITY, the sense of belonging.

6. Mad World (Cover)

There is no description here, as it is a cover song

7. Without Exits:

This song is mainly about our mental closure, those prisons we create for ourselves inside, our comfort zone, which is not so much comfort, a dark place where our fears reign, sometimes it would be enough to realize how little life can last to cut those bars and start living again.

8. The end of the world(?)

Is it really the end of the world? A question I often ask myself, the answer is always no. we are faced with situations that often seem like insurmountable walls and yet we always come out one way or another, this song is about the desire to face life's problems with a different spirit, with the desire not to be overwhelmed by life's problems and to always look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

9. Spectres:

Spectres is a song about these dark figures that reign within us, the result of strong situations and experiences, not always necessarily negative but that lead us to live different aspects of life in a withdrawn way, with fear and detachment.

10. Holy war:

Song that speaks quite directly about what wars are nowadays according to our point of view, not only wars made by armies but all media wars that hijack people to certain thoughts, ways of living, and ways of reacting.

11. Fuck:

We could consider it the "joke Song" of the album if we want to call it so, this is the total vent , to fuck anything up often helps to feel lighter, towards the end of the song we felt to directly fuck Piglet (Francesco Capello ) for no good reason. We felt it was good to just do it.

New world deals mainly with all those that are the "ghosts" that we keep inside, those shadows that do not let us live life with serenity, brakes that are imposed on us and that we impose on ourselves, fears and sensitivity to external stimuli, a new world is the desire to go beyond all these things and seek within ourselves a new point of view that goes beyond any standard and beyond any logical or non-logical reflection. The desire to create one's own new world where to express oneself, where to be, where to do and create .

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