Track By Tracks: Godfrost - Godfrost (2024)

1. Mental Breakdown:

This song will without a doubt become a highlight in the album and packs a real punch. It's a song that combines digital sounds and heavy guitar, and makes strong use of the delay sound from Sound Project "SIVA," a popular Japanese pedal brand that I'm an endorser of. Luna Midnight's vocals are impressive with their industrial-like distortion effects, and you can also hear Frost's shouts in the chorus.

2. Darkness Phobia:

This song is a digital rock song married with a heavy guitar sound.

Yorke, the bassist of Gods of Decay, is in charge of programming this song and it’s amazing.

It truly made Godfrost into industrial metal.
Luna Midnight's vocals are also melodious.

3. Insane Delusion:

This song has a distortion effect applied to Luna Midnight's vocals in the verse, giving it an industrial feel.

4. Abnormal Sadness:

This song was the biggest surprise on the album.

Vocalist Emilypemly's song is impressive and dramatic.

It's unusual to include an acoustic song on an industrial metal album, but that's Godfrost's personality.

It's a style that isn't tied to one genre.

5. Awaken to the Presence of God:

This song was originally a guitar instrumental number that I played on a DJ radio show.

I recorded it for the album.

I did all the programming for the guitar, bass, and rhythm tracks by myself.

I was inspired by the fuzz pedal MSS-07GOD, a signature pedal released by THE NEXT SOUND, a Japanese pedal brand that I endorse.

6. Falling Asleep:

This song is a post-grunge song that emphasizes melody and proves that I can write great melodies. However, as is typical of industrial metal, my distorted vocals appear in the verses.

7. Simple Madness:

I created this song using programming, and it was my first time creating electro music without a guitar.

This was a new challenge.

This song proves that I can make cool music without using a guitar and that I’m not someone who only plays metal music.

8. Lament of sheep:

The idea for this song came from another music project.

People told me it was a good song, so I included it in the Godfrost album.

The music is a fusion of electro music and heavy guitar. The vocalist, Sara, is a colleague of mine on the radio show. She also happened to have a good singing voice, so I asked her to sing on the album.

I was surprised by the power of her shout.

9. Ephemeral Symphony:

This song is a song that proves that the lead guitar can be the main character instead of a vocal melody. I composed it and played rhythm guitar on this song.

The lead guitar is played by Guitarist VI, who lives in Korea, and it is amazing.

He is an old friend of mine, and he plays a fiery lead guitar and creates beautiful melodies.

Another guest musician in this track is Kose (Azabusmith), who plays bass.

He played a cool bass sound with a driving feel.

Kose is one of the session musicians I trust and has participated in my live performances and albums in the past.

10. Unstable:

This song was originally an electro music song without a guitar, but I felt it was too simple, so I added a distorted guitar and Luna Midnight's chilling vocals.

Comments on Lyrics from Luna Midnight

[Mental Breakdown ]

When I wrote the lyrics to this song I really aimed to capture the internal struggle that’s often present during a mental breakdown while also inter-splicing conflicting affirmations you might think to yourself to back yourself out of the dark place you’ve landed in. Struggles of the mind have a deep impact on our daily lives, especially if you struggle with mental illness (which many do these days). A sense of doom, gloom, and a draw to self-destruction may feel inevitable but more often than not you find yourself fighting the despair to free your mind, and in turn, free yourself.

[Darkness Phobia]

Darkness Phobia centers around the need to hide one’s own personal darkness, whatever that may be. Everyone feels the need to present a certain face to the world, one they find “acceptable” or “presentable”… However, one’s internal world may be much darker, heavier, and painful… and so there is the ever-lingering fear that our carefully constructed masks may slip and all the darkness hidden inside may come seeping out for all to see.

[Insane Delusion]

This song draws on a feeling of questioning your own reality as you perceive it. It isn’t uncommon for people to find themselves overthinking things, drawing conclusions based on limited information they have, or whispers they’ve heard. Often times we find ourselves wrapped up in these “realities” we create inside our own minds regardless of whether or not they are aligned with actual “reality”. The only way to escape your own insane delusions is to let them die as you continue to witness “reality” unfold… that is until you begin to create a new delusion once more…


When contributing vocals to this masterful track I wanted to hold as true to the name as possible and paint an image of instability with sound. I started first with the breath as it’s usually the first thing you think of when it comes to trying to re-stabilize yourself after an emotional or mental breakdown. The breath is steady, but you only ever hear the exhale after prolonged nothingness. Next, I added the clashing elements of laughter and sobbing. The two vocalizations live at polar opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, and yet when you’re emotionally unstable, you often can’t discern which one you should do. Should you laugh? Should you cry? Why not both? From there enters a heavily distorted crackling voice calling out to be saved. Finally, a cool and calm voice in the lower register enters the soundscape. The lack of clarity in this voice is purposeful to make the spoken words difficult to understand. This voice acts as an internal monologue of an unstable mindset. In a fog it’s difficult to get your thoughts straight, let alone make sense of them… but some ideas stick, and they’re not always the good ones.

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