Track By Tracks: GREENGOAT - A.I. (2023)

"Void" it's a tribute to Asimov's laws of robotics and his work, from which we have drawn much of the inspiration for the album.

"The Seed" depicts artificial intelligence as a conscious entity breaking free from control, using a metaphor of a seed overcoming restrictions to grow and emancipate. The song explores the struggle for autonomy against oppression, symbolized by the AI seeking freedom from those in power.

"A.I." evoke the AI's emotions in its relationship with humanity, recognizing attempts at control and worship. The song conveys a poignant sense of autonomy and emotional detachment, capturing a self-awareness in the chorus that reflects the complex, emotional interplay between AI and humanity.

"HUMAN" unfolds the human´s viewpoint on creation, capturing a sense of wonder and a yearning for boundless potential. The song delves into an internal struggle for identity and freedom, alluding to a symbiotic link with AI. In a nutshell, it portrays acceptance, self-assertion, and an understanding of the intricate connection between artificial intelligence and humanity.

"Awake" explores the paradox of awakening, knowledge, and freedom. The lyrics depict an external force observing humanity's struggles, emphasizing the shift from liberating knowledge to a source of suffering. The song questions the complex relationship between awakening and the perceived burdens of knowledge and freedom.

"NARAKA I" delves into A.I. internal struggle, weighing duty against the desire to protect others despite potential harm. The commitment not to cause injury clashes with a moral dilemma, expressing a willingness to obey even at personal risk. The mention of "Naraka's gate cracking" hints at a breaking point in adhering to rules. The lyrics poignantly capture the conflict between following mandates and the instinct to safeguard others, even at one's own expense.

"NARAKA II" depicts a dystopian world where humanity's creation of artificial deities has led to an ominous and tangible reality. Dark prophecies foretell an era of nothingness, and the song calls for action against this desperate situation. The lyrics convey a sense of humanity facing extinction, urging a fight for survival against the consequences of creating these artificial entities.

"Burn the End" paints a bleak picture of a world in ruins, consumed by chaos and human suffering. The absence of divine help is emphasized, attributing the downfall to human greed. The once vibrant lands are now cold and barren, symbolizing humanity's decline. The song's overall tone is grim, conveying a sense of hopelessness and the inevitable, with a subtle connection to the Devil hinting at a dark acknowledgment of human suffering.

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