Track By Tracks: The Grimm Riffer - None So Grimm (2023)

1. Contumacious Rendition: 

A little song about rejecting the commonly accepted standards of a genre in this day and age.

2. Virus#5:

Written during another bout with COVID-19.

3. Open Wounds in a Vacuum:

Basically about a weird concept of bleeding out in space.

4. A Sky Burial: 

Written after watching a crazy documentary about an open-air burial process involving vultures.

5. Ignition: 

The very first track wrote for this project.

6. Opus Obscura:

A 9-minute push-and-pull song that I think lives up to its name.

7. Whateva whatever:

Exactly that. The end. Fuck it. Take it or leave it.

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