Track By Tracks: Hvalross - Running The Gauntlet (2024)

1. Running the Gauntlet:

Originally, running a gauntlet is a military punishment in which the party judged guilty is forced to run between two rows of soldiers, who strike out and attack them with sticks or other weapons. We used this more metaphorically as the lyrics describe the nightly escape of the main character, in which he has to overcome physical and mental obstacles to make his escape from his pursuers. Are there really pursuers, or is it just in his mind? We visualized this concept in the video that accompanies the song. There you can find the answer. Check it out on YouTube!

2. Mercenary Knight:

This song tells the story of a mercenary knight who joins yet another useless battle in medieval times. The nobility sets the battles, and the common people have to fight them. As a brutal killer for hire, the mercenary knight rides to battle alongside the footmen who go to the slaughter. He sympathizes with these men, they have no choice and will be forgotten in history, but he will fight as hard as he can for survival and victory.

3. Helios:

The third and last song of the EP is about the Greek sun god Helios. He rides his chariot of fire in the sky to bring light to the earth and among the people that inhabit it. From the skies, he looks down and questions the human behavior on the ground. Maybe the Gods should end it all?

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