Track By Tracks: Infected Chaos - Conjuration Overture - Vanity Is Dawning (2023)

1.Come Eventide, Come Evenfall:

The last song we wrote for this EP. It ́has got some really cool Thrash Metal vibes in its main riff and we tried something completely different within our sound in the chorus where both our singers are on an equal footing. The synths we added for the grand final are just huge and also something we didn ́t do in this dimension before.

2. Vanity is dawning:

This song is probably the most important on the EP as it marks a prequel for the upcoming album. The lyrics are foreshadowing the things that are about to happen. Musically it has a lot of Black Metal in it, especially in the chorus. Just imagine the vocals performed by a prophet who ́is about to lose his mind and let the voices inside of him take control. A very sinister track that ends with some haunting chants to summon putrid decay upon mankind.

3. Tehom:

This one can lyrically and musically be interpreted as the successor to „And thus I fell“ from „Dead Aesthetics“. The fallen one returns to the womb where all begins and ends and the melodic guitar riffing catches the vibe perfectly and ends in a frantic blackish chorus. This might be the most typical Infected Chaos song on this EP but also adds some new facets to our sound by – you may already have guessed it – the atmospheric synth parts.

4. People of Ash:

The closer is the oldest track. It was already composed for „Dead Aesthetics“ but just would ́t want to fit on the album so we overworked it and here it is: a slow and doomy piece of somber music. The vocals are constantly switching between heavy growls and spoken words and everything culminates in a fantastic guitar solo. It felt strange when writing, it felt strange when recording and it feels strange when listening to it as its completely different from what we ́are doing normally but we ́are very proud of it.

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