Track By Tracks: Kingseeker - Passing Moments Caught Forever (2024)

Passing Moments Caught Forever.

Production-wise, Emil, our bassist/producer, wanted a more raw, rock-feeling production on this one. We used actual amps (no amp sims) with practically no tuning for vocals. No punch in recording (This means we didn’t really fix small mistakes etc) Each song was usually done in 6 or fewer takes for the vocals. No vocal dubbing (unless needed etc). The introduction of Marius on drums made it so we didn’t have to program drums. It is a much more raw and organic-sounding record.

1. Young and Naive:

We think this song really covers a lot of ground in what we do musically. It’s Aarons favorite song on the album. Most of the song has a sort of straight-up metalcore thing going on, but there's the first verse, which is more Deftones, and there's the breakdown which is really Deathcore inspired! We really think it makes sense to have this song first on the album, as it sets the tone for what's to come. There's a lot of color and playfulness on this album.


It kind of gives a taste of what the album is about, The “protagonist” is having one of those moments when you’ve gone to bed and you remember something and think “Fuck why did I do that” This makes the “protagonist” start to spiral and reflect, afraid of the experience to come.

2. Sunk Cost Fallacy:

Another more straightforward banger ending on a hard-hitting breakdown! This is actually the only song that we’ve written that started with a vocal line. Jan sent Emil a video of the “chorus' ' part and Emil just ran with it, Aaron and Marius added their flare, and we had a song. This one is the one that is the most like Daily Reminders...


At face value, this song is about someone talking to a past girlfriend, which is kind of what it’s literally about, but thematically it’s about understanding that the “protagonist” can change and that they’re not “all in” on the person they are today. Their past does not control them. It’s the start of the first discussion between the past version of the “protagonist” person and the current one.

3. Bad Vibes Are Canceled:

We wanted to go NY hardcore with this one, and I'd like to believe we succeeded! It has the Slayer-esque riff, gang vocals, and of course ride-bell 8th groove! Just balls to the wall heavy. Jan is the guy in the band that’s really into things like Terror, Madball, and Earth Crisis, (Aaron likes that stuff as well, but isn't as boomer about it as Jan is)


The “Me” person needs to take a break from being reflective and wants to have fun, they drown their personal crisis in mosh pits, and alcohol but beneath the surface their personal doubts and anger about the past are starting to boil over.

4. Cold Blooded//Ice Hearted:

It's the playful one for Aaron to play, one of the hardest to play on the album, but it captures the vibe we wanted it to have instrumentally, The main/ intro riff is highly inspired by pop-punk, and the chords Periphery used to have a lot of on their earlier stuff, it also features our gang vocal signature over a fast-paced trem riff.


This one starts out immediately after the BVAC with the “protagonist” seeing that the things they’ve done in the past have made them less open to others. Burying their feelings and emotions and not letting people in, they’re hurting the people they love. They keep speaking to themselves and saying they can apologize, and be better

5. A Perfect Picture:

In the band, we have something we call “Gjøtta stemning” (pronounced “Jøtta stemning” with a silent G) meaning Gothenburgvibes. And the main riff for this one is very inspired by things like At The Gates, In Flames, etc. The original riff bank version of this had a more “The Prodigy” feel, as Jan wanted all the high notes to be “harmonic overtones”. This was implausible, so Aaron and Emil did their thing and fixed Jan’s mistakes. Making the song what it is today.

It's a fast one to jump into, with a Slipknot-sounding chord riff, and continues into a Pink Floyd'ey single string riff, like those tracks on Roger Waters' "The Wall" " then hits home with an old school Architects-like breakdown at the end, clean chugs!


The “protagonist” is trying to find out which of his memories are real and is struggling with the fact that they’re not as good as they thought they were, that perhaps they were the antagonists the whole time. And that their being abandoned by their friends might have been justified. The “protagonist” struggles with the thought that they’ll be forgotten and that they too will be another abandoned memory, the same way the protagonist has abandoned so many.

6. Goodbye Forever:

This is another New York Hardcore style song but seen through a “Knocked Loosey” lens. Aaron made this riff at practice one time and Jan got crazy (the dude really wants us to be a straight hardcore band, with mostly two-step rhythms, etc.


This song is about the protagonist having one last argument with their past self, and fighting with the decisions made by that past self. The past self tries to hear their future self, but can’t change anything because they’re not really listening.

7. New Horizons:

“Protagonist” decides to take the experiences they have and become better, finally understanding that it’s not about living in the past, fantasizing about how they should’ve reacted, or living in “what ifs” The “Protagonist” has grown older, looks to the future, and not the past.

8. ...And I Explode:

This song is the oldest song on the album, It was originally meant as a stand-alone single because it sounded so different from anything else we had done, but as the riffs for the album came in, we found out that maybe it doesn’t sound so weird in context. This song is very inspired by “Tear in the red” era Poison The Well, Jan cannot shut up about this band. And in the end, we caved in and let him take the reins so to speak.


The more the “protagonist” starts to wisen up, the more they struggle to understand new things. They start falling and the fear keeps building up, and the fear of death sets in as they impact with the ground.

9. Hypnopompia:

This was the last song we wrote. Originally this song sounded completely different. The first demo just literally sounded like a Sleeping With Sirens song. But we hammered it out, starting from scratch. We wanted a more floaty weightless feel for the song. The whole song sounds like how you feel when you wake up.

Heavy influences from Suicide Season though. One good mention too is the drums on the tremolo part.


Hypnopompia is the act of waking up and losing the memory of your dream.

The ““protagonist” wakes up, with little to no memories of the experience. They’re only left with a feeling that they learned something important, but can’t seem to grasp it. They’re paralyzed by the weight of the realizations they made in the dream world, and can finally comprehend the world as it is and take responsibility for their actions.

The album ends with the last words from the breakdown in Young And Naive.

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