Track By Tracks: Pridian - Cybergnosis (2023)


"Soft Gold“ is the first glimpse into what Pridian has to offer. The song offers heavy, synth-filled verses and a mighty chorus that lingers in the mind. It was deliberately written with a heavy emphasis on electronic music and its elements.


The song is about betrayal and the feeling of being used by someone you trusted," says lead vocalist and lyricist, Laur. "We wanted to capture the raw emotion of that experience in the music and lyrics.


“Deadfall” is the next step of Pridian’s new sound. In the same vein as their debut single “Soft Gold”, it combines electronic music elements with heavy guitar riffs, however, “Deadfall” ventures into much darker territories sonically and thematically. The track is a heavy hitter and brings on a relentless wave of breakdowns.


The song laments the loss of personal identity and the pressures to assimilate into a collective mindset, the deceptive nature of conformity, and the desire to break free from this stifling environment. Its ominous synth lines and melancholic vocal lines enhance the pessimistic side of this human character, bringing a strong contrast to the up-tempo high-energy choruses, which for some may evoke more optimistic feelings, but for others emphasize this inner disaster even further.


With people becoming more and more divided, lonely, and superficial, the lyrics for "Tetsuo" depict and reflect these inner feelings of being emotionally disconnected, misunderstood, and grappling with personal identity and self-worth. Musically, this song features elements of electronic music more prominently, starting off with dark techno vibes combined with longing, melancholy piano parts. The chaotic nature of the song conveys the struggle for uniformity.

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