Track By Tracks: The SCREAM - WHELLCOME (2024)

The first song, "Shooting Stars," serves as an instrumental intro connected to and part of the second song, "The Sky Has Fallen." This fast-paced yet melodic piece discusses the arrival of the end of the world as if it were happening instantly. Each person comes to terms with themselves, their faults and responsibilities, regrets, things they wished for, and things left undone.

The third song, "Go Out...Go Mad," was written during the lockdown and reflects the band's desire to return to normalcy, perform concerts, party until the early hours, reminiscent of the pre-pandemic world.

The fourth track, "Underdogs Hymn," is an aggressive and fast-paced anthem of retaliation for the underdogs against those who claim to always win by any means. It portrays the idea that a "good" person, when angered, can become more ruthless than the "bad" person who provoked them.

The fifth piece, "All A Nightmare," is dark and cutting, a slow but violent song about a vivid nightmare remembered long after the night.

The sixth track, "The Best Of Me," tempers the atmosphere, a melodic and dreamy piece just before the intense finale. It explores a chance encounter between people where a strange chemistry arises.

The seventh song, "Never Give In," is a determined and powerful piece that encourages not giving up and fighting for what one desires under any circumstances, even when things go wrong or not as expected.

The eighth track, "Dirty Dreams," is a melodic and dreamy punk piece discussing spicy nocturnal dreams with people who either don't exist in real life or are entirely unknown, leaving a sense of pleasure mixed with melancholy for someone who probably doesn't even exist.

The ninth piece, "If it's the End of the World," closes the album with a melodic theme, metaphorically addressing the "end of the world," which ties back to the themes of the first two songs, creating a circularity within the album.

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