Track By Tracks: Secreted – Intoxicated Primitive Anthropophagus (2024)

Shots fired is an intro to the album setting the scene that flows into active shooter which is about, you guessed it, an active shooter in public. Intoxicated primitive Anthropophagus is about some cannibal cavemen who get drunk and intoxicated on various substances. Breakfast at Spliffany’s is pretty much about getting stoned from as soon as you get up, a wake and bake. Sweet Home slamabama is about going to the Backwoods and jamming some slam. Buckshot lobotomy is about someone getting their face blown off by a shotgun. Puff puff blast is about smoking and shooting. Double barrel drive-by is pretty self explanatory it’s a drive by with a double barrel shotgun. caveman chronic is about a primitive strain of weed that is crossed with carnivorous plants. Tetrahydrocannibal is about smoking a potent strain of weed and getting hungry so you eat your friend. Last but not least sledge hammer dentistry is about someone getting their teeth knocked out with a sledgehammer

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