Track By Tracks: Sorecer - Mirages Of Crystallized Horror (2023)

The lyrical subject matter of 'Mirages..' does not follow a particular theme. A span of material is covered.

'Volatile Spiritual Infirmities' is probably the oldest in this collection of songs which was played at least twice in the first 3 piece incarnation with Chris Maraman. Josh and Luke collaborated on the music. The lyrics are nothing more than a frustrated commentary on mankind running astray from the natural world and 'killing the shaman' and all that is sacred and symbolic in this world to favor material, greed, pollution, and destruction.

'All Eyes Stare Dead' was written after hearing a compelling firsthand testimony given by a Western soldier in regard to a siege in an African country. While I do not recall the specific siege, conflict, and time/location I do remember the impression that it left of hopelessness as days pass. Futility as this particular soldier watched helplessly as the 'belligerents' slaughtered the innocent civilian population.

'Golden Dust of Knowledge' takes a step back into the sublime. The title and subject matter is purely Carlos Castanedaean and take us on a journey into the 'Yellow Fog' to a place where only shamans set foot and walking the path of knowledge is the greatest virtue.

'Acedia', the Greek word for Sloth, is an effort to lighten up the stoic mood that has been set. The lyrical material is taken from a scene from 'The Odyssey' in which Odysseus and his men visit the island of the Lotus Eaters and upon sampling the local fare 'succumb to possessed lethargy'. Perhaps our own version of 'Sweet Leaf'.

'Phantoms in Black' is possibly the second oldest song in this mix, dating back 8 years before recording. 'Phantoms' marks a distinct turn towards melody and meticulous song structuring that was not present in any of the previous material. The lyrical material is very much loose commentary as 'Volatile Spiritual Infirmities' is. However chest-pounding is the idea in this case- and to be 'wolves'.

'213 w Powhatan' is probably the most personal of Sorcerer songs to date, being about a serial killer, Steven Lorenzo who lived across the street from Lukas. Lorenzo lured his victims to his house with the promise of a party and then drugged them with GHB and tortured his victims. In at least one instance he even disembodied a victim and spread his limbs into dumpsters throughout Tampa.

'Where No Life Grows' is also in the same vein as 'All Eyes Stare Dead' and touches on war. The impetus derives from a dream in which the peace and serenity of everyday life are shattered as rockets tear through the air. Awakened with a sense of terror. The instant in which life changes. The spearhead of all of the horrors of war that are yet to come. The attack, is so impersonal, yet changes everything in that very moment The enemy is unseen, yet his intent is so very deadly, rattles the familiar world world that you know it to its very core. That sense of fear is resonating throughout the world so much right now-i wouldn't believe that a moment ever passes in the current climate we are experiencing in which gut-wrenching fear is completely arresting many individuals-, and always has since man has made conquest against his fellow man.

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