Track By Tracks: YUUGE - Chrysalis Retrograde (2024)

1. Oberon:

Classic opener with a lot of energy. Really heavy at times w/ very little repetition of riffs, which is will considering it's the shortest song by far. The bass/synth bridge to the descending tapping guitar part is one of our favorite parts of the album.

2. Teleology:

This is the natural connection between Oberon's energy, and Rhea's more exploratory nature. The various forms of color noise are intended to heighten focus and awareness as we draw deeper into the journey of the album.

3. Rhea:

One of the rare songs that combines a 12-string guitar medieval-rooted intro, thundering metal guitars, a melodic chorus, an extended sitar + xylophone solo, and more.

4. Zepperiah:

A beast of song. Haunting and powerful, it straddles the line between Djent, modern Progressive, and old rock influences.

5. Eun Gealtach:

A loon sample takes a winding journey down a synth-driven powerhouse of an interlude. A natural connector to...

6. Red Lion:

Highly percussive and heavily synthesized at times, the first half follows a dazzling vocal display through a traditional song structure down to a winding abyss of pure madness in its 2nd half.

7. Foreign Flags:

9-minute epic that continually builds and releases tension, much like the increasing intensity of the ocean as a storm strikes.

8. Methodical Paen:

A short but powerful reminder that the album is reaching its conclusion, yet Vested awaits.

9. Vested:

Driving polyrhythmic guitar, bass and drums roll into an ever-changing journey leading to a maximum intensity climax - a fitting end, in deed.

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