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Everything Decays, is a female-fronted blackened hardcore band from Eindhoven, the Netherlands with (ex-) members of Baksteen, Ragepyre, Cyanide Paradise, and Alternator. Different musical influences like hardcore, metal, and punk collide in Everything Decays. It is no wonder that the band is mainly influenced by Machinehead, END, and Knocked Loose. In short, an evening with Everything Decays is guaranteed to be filled with an overload of quick and loud noise.

After their first release at the end of 2022 with the single “March of the Mindless Sheep”, where the band worked with Roelof Klop and Will Putney, they’ve continued working on their next releases. December 2023 marked the release of ‘Madness Meets The World’.

Coming this spring 2024, Everything Decays has planned their first concept EP release called “Requiem 1; The Serial Killer’s Symphony of Liberation, Deliverance and Relief“, dissecting the mind of a serial killer and vividly telling the origin story that shaped her into the horrible person she became.

As a precursor of the full EP, Everything Decays will release one of their tracks as a standalone, accompanied by a heavy-hitting video clip, on the 8th of February 2024.


Linn Liv - Lead Vocals
Marvin van Bergen - Drums
Janoes van Hout - Guitar
Stijn de Wijs - Bass

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