Behind The Artworks: ANUBIS - Dark Paradise (2024)

So, a lot of our artwork isn’t actually commissioned, but started out as spec art – ie; the artist draws it and puts it up for sale to anyone who wants to buy the rights to it.
This particular piece by Adi Dechristianize, I liked for several reasons: First, I love the hot-and- cool color scheme, with the lush blues and deep reds. Second, it depicts a lot of lyrical themes found in the album. We see the “sword and the crooked scale” from Venom and the Viper’s Kiss, it has people reaching out “desperate and in need” from Heartless, it has the “old world burning away” from Fallen, it has the “forked tongues” from Strife… and more importantly, it just looks the way I imagine a “dark paradise” would look.

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