Behind The Artworks: Elektrikill - Propaganarchy! (2024)

I always design my own artwork for my releases and before I’d even recorded one note of this album, I knew that I wanted to cover to be an homage to the early Foetus album covers that looked like propaganda posters.

There’s an industrial park about ten minutes from my house and it has this weird stone monument in front of it that I always thought looked like an image from a Russian or German propaganda poster. So I took a photo of that and it became the main image. I downloaded examples of Russian propaganda posters and used the exact colors from a real propaganda poster as the color palette for the cover.

The title wasn’t so easy. Now I had this image that looked like a propaganda poster but the title I had in mind didn’t really fit with that. I eventually came up with Propaganarchy! as a composite word of propaganda and anarchy. To me, it means fighting back against disinformation.

The interior photo of me was taken by photographer Kenneth J. Cox in a completely different location. I Photoshopped myself into that long building as a visual representation of how something fake can trick you into thinking it’s real.

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