Behind The Artworks: La Menäce - Erebus (2024)

Following a tradition rooted in metal and hardcore (I think of bands like Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Emperor, Bolt Thrower or more recently Ahab or Parkway Drive), we liked the idea of using a classic painting as our cover art. So, we looked for a work of art that reflected the tragic element of music and online we found the painting HMS 'Erebus' passing through the chain of bergs, 1842 by Richard Brydges Beechey (1860). Once we asked permission from the Greenwich Royal Museum and had a high-quality copy, we talked to Mario C. Vaises, artist, designer, and singer of a bunch of legendary Spanish bands that we admire like Svdestada or Khmer. After recording the first demo, we sent the music to Mario (who had already designed our first EP). This time, he has surpassed himself and has created a superb artwork that combines a chaotic atmosphere with sobriety, elegance, and balance that fits perfectly with the tone of the music. He is also a very nice guy, who supports us in everything, super talented and who works for many underground bands in Spain. He is a great artist that we want to support from here and we will love to see more bands all around Europe knocking on his door.

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